Two of Wands + Two of Wands, Transparent + Decameron


Themes: "let it go through you" or "don't let it stick" + "adults only" or "raw/passionate merging/union"

Interesting Two of Wands double!
And a double pressing on "act like a grown up"!
Maybe a heads up that "something challenging will occur", requiring extra focus on detachment and presence/awareness.

Universal Transparent Tarot: Two of Wands
"New alliances are on the way, bearing collaborations and unions; a capacity for compromise will be facilitated, but a servile disposition will not
Decameron Tarot: Two of Wands (R)
"Shyness. Reserve. First experience." Maybe the card being reversed is signalling and amplifying 'beware to act out the shyness in a servile manner'? Not to shrink from lack of experience. There's a first for everyone.

I come to think of my newest horse. There was a very unfortunate incident yesterday. The ego was quick to vote for self-pity, but the whole thing very quickly felt 'everything is exactly as it should be'. An amazing calm raised from inside. Bordering on pure happiness in fact...! Fitting so perfectly in the whole scheme of things.
I have an extremely huge challenge in front of me in this horse. And one thing is certain - "a servile disposition will not facilitate collaboration" with him. He demands a transparent leader, with lots and lots of presence and alertness, not shrinking from lack of experience.


Traditional image: "...shows a man, dressed in a red robe and hat, holding a small globe. The world is literally in his hands, marking the enormous potential before him if he can expand his horizons accordingly. He stands within the confines of his castle, suggesting that while he is contemplating significant opportunities, the man has not yet left his comfort zone to pursue them; he is still very much in the planning phase. His hand rests on an upright wand, and a second wand is affixed to the castle's wall, a further sign that he is still not ready to venture out. In the background, the land is fertile while also rocky, promising that he has a good chance for success, so long as he can overcome the challenges that will arise." (biddy)
"You went through the discovery phase and know what you want to manifest - now you need to figure out how." (biddy) Here with regards to transparency/acting maturely or detachment/dependence. Dependence - but not with a servile disposition. I have discovered quite a lot regarding this horse, now I have to figure out how to proceed.
"You are exploring your options and carefully plotting out the path ahead, accounting for all possibilities and potential challenges. You are open to growth and exploring new territories, so long as you maintain a level of certainty that your efforts will work out in the end."
"...about discovery, particularly as you step outside your comfort zone and explore new worlds and experiences. It may take courage to set out, but this card gives you the confidence of self-knowledge."

"...the Two of Wands reversed may indicate that you have a fruitful idea, but lack a clear strategy to move it forward. As a result, you are working haphazardly and inefficiently and not reaching your desired destination as quickly as you would like." (biddy)

I've come further on the path of transparency in W2-matters, than on the path of "adults only" and facing "first experiences" and setting goals.
"If you are at a crossroads about which direction to take to fulfil your dreams, ask yourself: What do I really want?" (biddy) I'm still a bit stuck in ego-wants and goals, and still not yet fully tuned into the needs of the soul - which have turned out to be quite different from the ego ones. The ego has it's own ideas of how I should handle horses, the ego has it's own ideas about what I should achieve with my horses (too). The soul and "the universe" has totally different needs and plans for me. And only by fulfilling and following them do I experience harmony.

Reversed "...can highlight that you are reluctant to step out into unknown territories despite the enormous potential, instead preferring to stick with what you know."
"Reconnect with your vision and why you are here and know that you will need to explore new fields to reach your highest level." (biddy)