W4 + Driving Forces, Ghosts & Spirits + Vibrational Energy


Cards not from my collections, but from "random samples" apps!
Ghosts & Spirits Tarot and Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards turned up today.

The first card is from Tarot Sampler and the second from Indie Goes Oracle Cards.


I entered the "When you have not accepted this moment, the will goes against the Universe - that is what the ego does" (eckharttolle) -state some week or so ago - "willing my way ahead". Man, how the Universe protested ("bad" weather, car crashes around me and ahead of me, and so on)! And man, how the Ego refuses to see and accept! "Ignore, ignore, ignore", bulldozing on. Not so much in action - but ("only") in thought!
The Ego is a sneaky bastard!
"I'm not doing anything, I'm just thinking..."

Thought is energy, thought is intention - the precursor of action. 
The Universe knows it, and ain't fooled by the "innocent just thinking" of the Ego.

"You can make yourself by thinking the right thoughts, or you can break yourself by thinking wrong thoughts." (yogaville)

I have just recently, once again, confirmed the truth of the second part of that sentence - hence the clear synchronised advice from today's cards!

"Refuel your spirit before heading back to work!"
"If you push or force something too hard it will evaporate"
"Be perceptive and sense when it is right to set things into motion and be ready to move."

"somewhere inside, the vibration moves us into the right direction to do what needs to be done"