W5 + Justice, Robin Wood + Holy Grail


Theme: finding your way in the woods + the quest for meaning and individual purpose

Robin Wood: Five of Wands - struggle
"Conflict, obstacles"
"internal strife, indecision"
Holy Grail: VIII Justice (number 8 rings extra loud to me, it being my life path number)
"balanced judgement, honest evaluation"
"being called upon to take the consequences of our own actions"
"submission to higher powers"


I get two spontaneous associations when I see the first card.
First: to "not see the forest for the trees"!
When I get engulfed in the feeling that I encounter obstacles, resistance and problems everywhere. Then reacting on the feelings, deeming the outside events as culprits - instead of realising that the outside events merely activate feelings already inside, laying dormant, waiting to be discovered, felt, accepted and released. When I refuse to see that the conflict is internal, that there is a discord and distance between the soul and some "frightened parts of my personality". When I (consciously or unconsciously) get caught in indecision - to follow the soul or the personality? When I want to follow the soul, but don't really know how yet, and end up following the (frightened parts of my) personality. When I am afraid to be who I want to be.
Or, getting engulfed in feelings of powerlessness and victim-hood, instead of remember myself of the fact that I attract what I radiate (e.g. what I, consciously or UNconsciously, "ask for"), and/or that I encounter exactly what I need to see my inner imbalances (frightening parts of your personality), heal them, and grow - from a universal and evolutionary perspective (which may or may not be the preferred perspective of my current personality).
Second: it can be good to use a wise experienced guide when you're about to journey through unfamiliar forests!
There are many, many individuals with lots of experience and knowledge about life's greatest mysteries. Thankfully many of them have written lots, and lots of books! And published audio-books, and giving lectures, and having informative homepages, and establishing schools, retreats, and so on and so forth.
Of course I have to do the actual walking (work) myself - no one else can do it for me - but there's no point in getting unnecessary lost in the forest, and also I feel it to be quite comforting to know that I'm not in the forest alone (even if the "company" isn't physical)!

The goal (grail) being both the actual walk through the forest and getting out of it, as there's great potential of building authentic power in the process!

Through "balanced judgement, honest evaluation".
And hearing that we (I) are "being called upon to take the consequences of our (my) own actions": first dealing with the consequences of past actions in the most conscious and loving way possible, and then taking up the responsibility and making a commitment to act in more and more conscious and loving ways in the future. 
Accepting that there are greater forces at work: "submission to higher powers". That there are tasks crafted just for you, waiting for the Whole Authentic You come and do them - and that the universe (in it's own genius and cryptic way) shows you the perfect and fastest way there!


I feel that the Wood-Grail-combination mirrors to me that I'm on the right (spiritual) path, and that eventual (feelings of) struggles (inner conflicts) are all in order (or because of the to commitment to choose the spiritual path, and face my inner fears) - and the cards also give me tips on how "obstacles" can be managed, for the greater good, according to plans and reasons well above my intellectual grasp and pay-grade.


To very briefly summarise all the thoughts (regarding these cards) twirling around like fluttering butterflies inside my head!

One last comment, by reason of it being Lucia in Sweden:
The only way to expel darkness (pain, anxiety, fear, etc) is to shine a light on it! 

Edit: today's somewhat challenging but rather fitting and probably more-helpful-than-I-would-like-to-admit course exercise.

Decks #79 and #58: Robin Wood Tarot and The Holy Grail Tarot

(Just a funny reflection: the guys on the boxes have similarities!)