W8 + C1, Healing Tarot + Zirkus Mägi


Theme: way to wellness + the circus of life

The Healing Tarot is a BRAND NEW deck. "78 ways to wellness"
"Many today have tried to divorce spirituality from physicality, often with disastrous results."
"...imbalance begins in another aspect of our being, and we only become aware of our dis-ease when the body itself begins to display symptoms of imbalance."

Life is kind of a circus. A spectacle you actually can view as a spectator - as yourself! The self in the middle, the one who's hearing the thoughts in your head, the one watching your reflection in the mirror, the one feeling the emotions within you. Your never changing core - your soul.

"The Untethered Soul begins by walking you through your relationship with your thoughts and emotions, helping you uncover the source and fluctuations of your inner energy. It then delves into what you can do to free yourself from the habitual thoughts, emotions, and energy patterns that limit your consciousness."


8 of Wands
"Be careful of launching into grand schemes for health and fitness without preparing yourself or creating the proper foundation first."
"In your impulsive aiming for the future, don't discount the blessings of your present."

Ace of Buckets - Conception 
"Certainly this daring act, this free-falling Leap of Faith, required a level of Wild Abandonment and Emotional Acceptance."


Changing your way of being - changing life-long habits, behaviour and thought-patterns - certainly can take time and patience, as well as preparation and the establishment of a strong foundation before being able to be the person you want (are born to be) even in the face of challenges, and before people expecting you to be different or "as you've always been" (recognisable and/or comfortable/pleasant for them for example).  

It takes time to learn to detach from the thoughts and emotions tumbling around inside you, and come to watch it all in a more neutral, responsible, constructive way. To just see and feel, without being swallowed up by all the images and emotions, thinking them as you - when they in fact are things happening to you! Things guiding you.

At first it might feel uncomfortable. Upside-down. But mostly it's about ego fear - unwillingness to adjust to new uncomfortable perspectives. Deemed as "Unthinkable" by some of the aforementioned patterns. It's not the brain - it is shown how quickly it can adjust to upside down glasses.

"A researcher wearing goggles that inverted everything stumbled about wildly at first, but soon enough he was able to ride a bicycle" (theguardian)

It's not in the brain - but it is 'all in your head'..!

For me it feels like quite a daring act to change the things going on in the head. It feel very much like a free-fall before the perspectives look and feel right again. That is - turning the upside down physical view of reality right, and wake up from the well imprinted and well spread illusion that you are your thoughts and emotions! 

It's quite easy to get impatient (especially when you are born with a strong and stubborn Mars-energy inside). Hurry on, on the path of enlightenment, before adequate strength is established. Act prematurely, stumble, and fall. Forget to "count the blessings of your present". (the Healing Tarot card)

After conception (the Zirkus card) there is much "waiting". Once in the air there's not much to do but to fall, accept the feelings of fear, and let them pass! 
I guess :)

Decks #51 and #130: Healing Tarot and Zirkus Mägi Tarot (I have the digital version)