Warrior Six + 9 of Pent's, Sidhe + Bones


Themes: "the gift of" + "hard facts" (think: Bones the TV series)


Tarot of the Sidhe: Warrior Six ('Six of Wands') - No Foe Too Great

"Breathe in now the true king's light,
For he will ever win the fight,
Greatest warrior, our finest lord,
By all below he is adored..."
Keywords: "Success, adoration, fame, victory, reward, jealousy, egotism"
No foo too great - makes me think of "the challenge matches your capacity", and how I am convinced that we get (into) the challenges in life that we need for (spiritual) growth, and that we have the means to deal with them. I certainly at times feel that my Ego is too stubborn to be overcome and a too tough challenge for me, and that I will never heal my Frightened Parts (that mob beneath the rock in the card) - but I intuitively know that I'm of course not only given (born with) these challenges inside, but also the right amount of skill to manage it. A skill that have to be continuously developed, cultivated and refined. It's what I'm here for.
Note: when talking about dealing with challenges I don't refer to "winning/beating" them, but to "growing from them". 
Reversed? On the one hand I don't really believe in the 'warrior' thing. I don't believe in fighting and superiority - I tackle the 'battle' in another way. On the other hand, I'm certainly taking steps regarding "fighting of the foes" (calming and healing Frightened Parts), but the steps are shaky, and they might be a little bit along the line "two steps forward, one step back" :)  
Tarot of Bones: Nine of Pentacles
"Nine marten vertebrae are arrayed on a field, lush with fruit and greenery."
"Whenever you see people being pampered in movies (or spoofs thereof) someone's always feeding them grapes. It's the fruit of luxury!
So I had to have them as the backdrop for the Nine of Pentacles."
"Meaning: You've worked hard, putting in time and other resources to make your dreams come true. And now that hard work is catching up in a good way! The Nine of Pentacles happens when the fruits of your labor are to be harvested, and what a crop it will be."
"I love when this card comes up in readings. It's usually a signal that I get to take a break, go on vacation somewhere, and otherwise enjoy my success. My business will carry on without me for a few days, powered by the momentum I've put into it for months."
Reversed? Maybe necessary work is not yet done - not yet time for a break and take a rest?