Water Spirit + Ten of Wands, Sacred Forest + This Might Hurt


It might hurt somewhat to reach your dreams.
It might take some extra effort to fulfill them.
You might have to leave something behind.

But the worst is over!
Or the burden is about to lessen, or feel lighter!
Or - is it really a burden if all the work you do is paving way for your dreams coming through?!

'What's meant to you, will come to you' - yes, but you have to (work and) make room for it :)
You have to "build the track, so your train can come and stop at your station"!  

There's maybe still some lingering doubts in you, making you uncertain "whether it's worth it". The answer seems to be - YES!

Again. You've got this! 

Deck: Sacred Forest Oracle
Theme: "You're not lost in the woods - you're in a transformative forest, step into the experience - level up"
Card: Water Spirit
"Act as if your dreams had already come true."
"This is not the time to sit around"
"Don't stop the flow by doubting or hesitating"
"Timing is everything, and right now is your time" !

Deck: This Might Hurt Tarot
Theme: ^ ^
Card: Ten of Wands (R)