Yin/Yang, Energy Oracle Cards


Theme: ..... 'drumroll'..... Energy!

Everything IS energy AND everything IS connected!


"Everything is Energy and the science of Quantum Physics is now offering conclusive evidence of this most basic fact of our universe.

Well, once you understand that everything is energy, you can then begin to understand that we are only perceiving an illusion of separation.

Even though our limited 5 senses may tell us differently, everything IS connected.

Have you ever noticed how many things come in waves? A wave of water in the ocean, a wave of light from the sun, a wave of air in the wind, a wave of sound from thunder, a wave of heat in your oven, a wave of emotion that comes over you. All energy travels in waves (or vibrations) and it can never be created or destroyed - it just changes forms.

Your thoughts are energy too and your brain is the most powerful electromagnetic processing tool ever created.

As humans with consciousness and free will, there are many more layers involved because we've formed our own belief systems based on what others have taught us as well as what we've allowed ourselves to believe through our own experiences.

This can be our power but also our challenge because we all have our own limiting beliefs that are obstructing the flow of this energy within us that we are most times unaware of consciously.

Belief systems are energy too and they are what's getting in the way of our energy flow and attracting the things we desire.


If this isn't sinking in yet or making much sense, give it time." (practical-personal-development)

"At school I learned that matter is made up of molecules. Molecules consist of atoms. Atoms consist of a nucleus with electrons circling around it. All are parts, fractions, and particles, but at first sight there is no whole, no unity. Nevertheless, appearances are deceiving. Solid reality turns out to be less solid than it appears. Science has proved that matter is 99.999999999999 percent empty space. 

That means that the book you are reading now, the chair you sit on, the house you live in, the earth you live on, that so-called solid reality consists for the most part of empty space.

A quick calculation shows us that the solid part of an atom is only 0.000000000001 percent of the whole atom's mass. 

But according to quantum physics, developed in the early twentieth century, there are no "particles" per se: Energy is the basis of material reality. Every type of particle is conceived of as a quantum vibration in a field: Electrons are vibrations in electron fields, protons vibrate in a proton field, and so on. Everything is energy, and everything is connected to everything else through fields.

A bit of a waste, all that unused space. Did God lack imagination when he created the Universe, or is there something else going on? The quantum theory researchers discovered the answer: Not only do particles consist of energy, but so does the space between. This is the so-called zero-point energy. Therefore it is true: Everything consists of energy.


If creation is created by our conviction, expectation, and intention, this means that we not only have a huge responsibility for what we do, but we have even more of one for what we think." (turnerpublishing)

"So, when we collectively perceive experiences or measure them scientifically we call this reality. But it is not reality, it is collective perception. 

Collective perception is the experience of the collective (in this case humans) that we like to define as being close to the truth of "reality" or "as this actually exists."  [...]

Even science, cannot prove reality. Just because at one point we all agreed that scientifically 97% of your DNA is junk, doesn't make it true [...]

So what proves reality? [...]

We are alive in a beautiful and brilliant sensory world of matter. And matter breaks down into energy.

Once you break down the atomic and quantum particles, you realize that everything is energy. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, simply transmuted. And you can transmute it with your mind. [...]

* From an energetic standpoint, whatever you place your attention on grows stronger in your life

* Your reality is profoundly shaped by your beliefs. [...]

So next time you're playing sports and thinking, "I hope I don't fall" realize that your vibration is vibrating in fall, fall, fall and guess what happens?

You fall. [...]

To sum it up, everything is vibration, everything is energy and energy condenses into matter.

We are beings of perception, your reality is relative to your perception.

You shape your reality by practicing and amplifying a consistent signature energetic vibration of what you want to create.  [...]

I believe in you." (mindvalley.com)

Card: Yin/Yang - Passive/Active, Intuitive/Logical
"This card represents energetic life cycles, and its purpose is to help you identify the particular cyclic energy moving into or out of your experience."
"This card reversed reveals a yang cycle, which is one of active, outgoing energy. This time calls for a more logical approach to things, but the logic needs to be applied to purposeful action.
This cycle is often marked by creativity and new beginnings, sometimes with significant outer change.

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