Deck: The Fountain Tarot

1. Current Mechanisms in Relationship - The Fool - Boundless innocence
"Suspended between spiritual and earthly existence"
"newly born soul embarking on a bright adventure"
"needs counsel of others and would be wise to listen when it is offered"
"Though some find his quest absurd (!) he is not swayed. With an open heart, he is led by the inner voice of his true Self."
"A willingness to step outside the norm for the sake of self-discovery and fulfillment"

2. Me - Seven of Swords - A Questionable Risk (!)
"the meaning of the card relies on the circumstances"
"dishonesty...or bravery"
"In any case, a risk is involved and he must deal with the unexpected"
"be conscious of your values and which ones you employ"
"There are times when you may have to grab the blades to succeed, but knowing your objectives and your motives will minimize the damage" 

3. Him - Nine of Cups - Shared Happiness
"A man sits with nine cups, inviting in anyone who wishes to share his joy and contentment"
"Often known as the wish card"
"A powerful card of giving and receiving"

4. What I should Focus on - Six of Swords - A New Beginning
"A woman, with the assistance of a ferryman, bravely sets out for a new shore, escaping the dark and murky circumstances of her past. Her willingness to ask for help frees her from drama"
"opportunity for healing"
"Transitions can be disorienting, but trust that the worst of the obstacles have passed"
"It will all begin to make sense very soon"

5. Direction it's Heading - The Chariot - Harnessing Forces
"Surrounded by contradiction - left and right, black and white, day and night - the conquering hero of The Chariot brings focus, unshakable determination and intense will to harness the host of opposing forces. Propelled by his concentration and protected by his confidence, he will conquer all difficulty (intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical)"
"navigation the ruts of complexity and restoring balance"

Regarding Objectives (in card#2) - What should I focus on as "goal/objective?
Bosch (Skewed Perspectives) - 10 of Coins, the man with a coin up his ass.


Deck: Art of Love Tarot

1. Where's the relationship status at? 14. Temperance - Harmony
Not the card I would have chosen so to speak...
But in some sense I guess I am navigating the most harmonious way possible..? Accepting things being as they are. Not in my head - my head is furious - but in my soul:ish?
"Everything you feel comes from within you." The disharmony I feel isn't because of outside happenings, or other's behaviours.
"This serene being, mixes all he has experienced in his cupped hands, and then lets it go by moving it through the violet flame of transformation."
"The next step is the acceptance of your awareness. You will then be inspired to action. Being out of balance reminds us of how good it feels to be in harmony."
"The Acceptance brings reassurance. Letting go will bring stability." NOW the card makes sense!
"You are ready to accept the past and admit the present so you have a balanced foundation for the future."
"Acknowledge where you have compromised and learn to speak your truth. Let go of blame and choose to love yourself exactly as you are right now. Your perception and judgement of a situation has created an emotional obstacle. Invoke the violet flame..."
"Let blame and judgement move through the flame and transform into clarity and acceptance. Be patient and allow for deeper healing."

2.  Me in this - Four of Stars, Advancement
"Walk the path of your joyous heart, be loyal to your inner truth and soon you will be celebrating."
"This creative goddess has wise, blue eyes that see many paths of creation. The red stars express excessive mental energy and overthinking. She is already on her path but right now she can't see it..."
"Too much analysis and deliberation makes her feel out of touch with her star heart and inner eye."
"Confidence in her inner wisdom, will allow the scrutiny of her plans, ambitions and motivations to fall away. The path of least resistance will then present itself."
"The Four of Stars opens a new chapter. A business, creative venture, relationship or friendship is about to shift and transform into a fresh way of being. Give yourself a pat on the back, the hard work is done."
"Open to receive, for you are worthy of all that you want to create and experience."

3. Him in this - Six of Hearts, The Past
"Talking or thinking about the past, introduces it into the present where it continues to create your future."
"...historical stories that have been holding her back."
"The Six of Hearts wants to write a new narrative. It is time to let go of the stories you have been telling yourself. Every time you talk or think about your past, you bring it into your present and limit your future. A practiced belief has become entangled with your everyday way of being, causing you to react in certain ways that feel familiar."
"...this card suggests something is no longer working and it is time to leave it in the past where it belongs."
As long as he wants to remain stuck in the past, he is in the past to me. It's his decision.

4. What I should focus on - Five of Stars, Diversity (R)
"Diversity elucidates your dreams. Knowing what you don't want is the first step in discovering your truest desires." Oh man, am I learning what I don't want now..! With the important thing being - remain balanced, don't judge the the one not being or acting like you want. Everyone is different. Let the conflict remain in me, and resolve it there.
"The water is a wellspring of ideas, giving birth to multi-faceted life experiences depicted by the stars and swirls. Choice causes new creations to be born, which in turn brings clarity before ever more choice."
"...mirrors outer or inner conflict. It feels like an invisible barrier is blocking your path. Irritations and annoyances or obstacles seem to be mounting and threatening to overwhelm you. Take a breath. You have not done anything wrong, so there is no need to take a challenge personally."
"Step back to regain a balanced perspective devoid of reactions and solutions will soon drop into your mind. This card encourages you to be steadfast in your self-belief. There is no need to defend, justify or push against anything. This is a time to realign with your centre."

5. Current direction/where it is heading - 13. The Release, Metamorphosis
"There is no need to fear the unknown. Liberation and complete freedom await your surrender to eternal love."
"Without change, everything would come to a standstill"
"The Release is a portent of radical change. Something has left or is leaving your life"
"Accept and embrace an inevitable conclusion that provides the space for something new."
"Love, trust and courage are required"
"Fill the space between the old and the new with love"
"One day very soon, you will wake up knowing this was the beginning of a new you."


Started of with a vague "what should I know about him now?", and got the Rabbit Tarot - FEAR.
He's afraid.
Pulled Knight of Cups. He certainly seems afraid to "be/act like prince charming".

1. How is he feeling now? Two of Swords (R)
"indecision, stalemate" This has been for a while now. Not the first time I get this. He's really feeling stuck, out in the cold, but really don't know which way to go. Aimlessly wandering, unappreciative of what he got.

2. Why is he afraid of/to change? Three of Wands (R)
"bold ideas and clear understanding of of his situation"
He is afraid of truly looking at his situation, and also remains in the "idea phase", never taking appropriate action 

3. Why is he afraid of looking at his life situation? The Chariot
"fear of not being in control" Of course - if he truly looked, he would have to realise that he is out of control over his life. Not nice for a Pluto fellow.

4. Why is he afraid of co-operation? Knight of Carrots (swords)
"A dashing active individual, skilled and strong" It's more important for him to "keep up the appearance" - that façade of being successful, strong, in control - than to co-operate. 

5. Why is he afraid of losing control? Death
Accepting he has no control of his situation would mean the end of his life to his ego. This façade and this behaviour is all he knows - what and who would he be without it?

Change of subject - considering I pulled the Knight of Cups 

6. Why is he afraid of love? Queen of Cups (R)
Previous women have been "intimidating, unfair, cold, unpredictable, cruel"
It's rather obvious, and painful, that he "punishes me for what other women have done". And he's really "searching for me to be the same"...
Out of fear, of course.

7. His soul's needs, partner wise? Page of Daisies (Pentacles) (R)
"A clever person, good at small talks and repetitive actions" Yes, it requires someone smart, with tons and tons of patience, doing and showing the same thing (love) over and over, for him to ever trust a woman again. And someone who have the patience to listen to him talk about himself and the same "shallow stuff" again and again.
"Someone in need of more learning and practice, who prefers study to play." Someone who find see the whole process as a learning opportunity, and who has the will and take time to study the situation, and him. 

8. What kind of relationship is he in need of now? Queen of Carrots (swords)
Not what he wants - what he needs.
"A powerful woman, smart, quick witted. Capable, often taking action. Fiercely loyal. Prone to outbursts but passionate about the objects of her affection. Many complex skills which requires learning and concentration (giving him much needed alone time)" Ok, so his soul actually needs...ME. I'm both the PP and SQ. But will his ego ever accept that?