Deck, chosen randomly from my collection, using a number generator:
Sirian Starseed (Theme: "if the collective unconscious could speak")

1. What am I passionate about?

"...she explores the alchemical process of transmutation, wherby elements are combined to create new forms"
"...balancing aspects of our lives in order to move forward."
"spiritual healing"

" be in harmony with that aspect (wealth and achievements) of her life and not let it become so weighty that she loses her perspective"
" be thankful for the gifts she has received from the earth"
"...preparing to hand the rose to the needy one."
"What is the gift she can share? It is the rose, the wisdom of knowing true beauty, which holds within it the greater understanding of what truly matters for us all."

"...celebrating the energies of this reality"
"...manifest spirit into form, ..., and the examination of the true value of possession versus spirit"
"life is about being enough"
"the Adept moves along the path of earthly experience, seeking mastery. She is passionate, at times impulsive, filled with vitality and determination to advance in her sphere of influence."

Personal summary(2019-12-22): Transformation - balance - creating light

2. What am I good at?

"...brings order and structure to the dynamic forces"
" the artistic design (s)he brings structure; to unrestrained imagination (s)he brings reason; to chaos (s)he brings order."
"Reason contemplates bringing structure to the creative flow of imagination and being grounded in reality."
"...vulnerability on the one hand and her allowing for possibilities beyond her own rationale on the other."


"When you understand true abundance, you know that you can always create more and that it is all about your ability to give, to receive, and to keep the flow of energy moving through your life."

"As she weathers the storm of her previous creation, she regains her stature... yet she remains in a defensive position. She now realises what she has evoked in the others and how she has fuelled their reactions. Once she descends from her pedestal, she will surely have a clearer picture of how to share her passion and vision for all to celebrate. It will require egoless service, compassion, and the pure vision to stoke the passion that burns in the hearts of others."

Personal summary(2019-12-22): Reason - celebration - face challenges

3. How can I combine them?

"spiritual guidance"
"giving of one's self to love"
"right mind over the senses"
"true strength"
"rest and reflect on all that has been learned"
"far from the distraction of people and events, and back to the quiet nature"
"restoring peace in the mind and soul"

Personal summary (2019-12-22): through reflection, and letting answers come to me via non-physical guidance

4. How do I make this happen?

"After much labor and long journeys of exploration into one's motivation in life, the 'Seven of Crystals' rests."
"A young merchant has spread his carpet out to sell his polished crystals and so receive the rewards of his efforts - but for now no one is interested. He is waiting for the buyers to come."
"...contemplating the value of his work, perhaps even the point of it all, and while he does admire what he has accomplished, he seems to question it at the same time. He looks at the few coins that he has received in exchange for his beautifully perfected, polished crystals, and it appears he is concerned that the potential rewards are nowhere to be found. At the very least, it seems they are nowhere near to meeting his expectation."
"Do you feel frustrated that your efforts are producing little or nothing compared to what you expected and hoped for?"

Authors comment (2019-11-16) : I think I here (#4) got the answer for how I DO it, as of (until) now, and feel about it all - rather than how I could/should make it happen, which I think next card gives a hint about. The card that actually follows the above.

Personal reflection(2019-12-22): I should still offer my gifts (from a place of Love, not Fear), but not be attached to the outcome? And then "eventually", "when the time is (I am) ripe"? ...

5. Advice for the path?

"...the doubts and dissatisfaction of the Seven of Crystals have been surpassed. Not only does our hero realise that his work has value, but also that he is able to make it even more significant, beautiful, and utterly remarkable. His desire to produce more has been enhanced, and he is back in the saddle, building on what he has already established to create even more."
"(S)he has re-established his faith in his vision and his pride in his achievements."
"...if you work at your dreams, if you carve away at your goal with determination, steadfastness, and skill, you will eventually reach them."

Personal reflection (2019-12-22): do the above (card 4), but (as reflected under it) do it with detachment, without expectations - that is, sincere offering from a place of unconditional love and not fear (conditional "love")? Not for fame, appreciation, attention, money, reputation, but for the sake of giving what I am born to give?